• 1Second_Street_Green_1

    The contemporary design is also a passive solar engine that heats the house

  • Second Street Green, Greenbuild Additions & Alterations, 1989

    Second Street Green, Greenbuild Additions & Alterations, 1989 - 2005 Size: 2,200s.f., 7,500 s.f. lot with alley access Location: Niles, California Sustainability: Energy Conservation - 50%, Green Point Rating - 84 This home is a working example of historic conservation and the conversion of an energy inefficient, (100 year old) house into an expanded home for an environmentally minded family of four. In order to accomplish this, the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation were followed, resulting in the retention of the original form of the house and roof. The addition was connected under the existing eaves, through which, the house remains connected to the neighborhood. Over the past 100 years, what families do need and want has changed, which includes open plan living and a concern for the natural environment. Energy conservation and greening practices were implemented, including solar oriented site planning, shade tree plantings, no air conditioning, western exposure shading, repurposed and

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    Side view from the street of the original 1910 house with the 2005 addition at the rear.

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    The building cross section illustrates the passive solar and natural ventilation aspects of the new addition.

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    The site plan shows the new addition at the rear and east side of the original house. The utility of the lot flows from the strees to the alley in back.

  • 1Second_Street_Green_12

    The shade trees in the garden cool the yard during the hot summer months.

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    The kitchen is in the middle, between the old and new, and is the most social place in the house.

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    The master bedroom suite, full of light and private.

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    Summer living room and views to the garden beyond. The concrete floor within the addition flows into the landscape. The sun heats the concrtete in the winter and is also radiantly heated.

  • 1Second_Street_Green_11

    The master bedroom bathtub is like an outdoor hot tub.

  • 1Second_Street_Green_10

    The original fireplace was improved by adding a 95% efficient, wood burning insert. The original living room is the place for the family in the winter.

  • 1Second_Street_Green_7

    Sideyard spaces become useable garden space.

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    The rear porch of the new addition opens onto the garden patio under the trees.