Interior Design Consultant

Colleen Weiler

Principal at CPW Interior Design

Colleen Weiler brings 28 years of design industry experience in residential and small commercial projects. Colleen has a natural flair and passion for her work, growing up as the daughter of an architect. Visiting building sites from an early age with her father and siblings refined her powers of observation and learning how buildings rise from a hole in the ground to completed project.

She offers innovative ideas, creativity, and extraordinary interior design planning for any scale of project. Utilizing products that do not degrade the environment, and building practices that create a healthy and wise use of resources, are at the forefront of her interest.

Working with CPW Design, you can count on personal guidance, attention to every detail, enlightened recommendations, and careful consideration of your personal needs. A professional interior designer can play a key role in shaping each space to contribute to a relaxed state of mind and peaceful state from hectic world in which we live. Consider that your new space can be a source of richer experiences and memories, and be the healthiest and life affirming possible, if planned carefully from the start.